Oklahoma's Own: Photographer Captures Oklahoma Landscape

Wednesday, October 19th 2011, 5:01 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

CHANDLER, Oklahoma -- We have a lot of great scenery across the state of Oklahoma. There really is a little bit of everything here.

One interesting Oklahoman is on a mission to capture the images of our state's unique landscapes.

Kim Baker is gearing up and getting ready to do what she loves - to capture what she hopes others will develop a love for too.

"Oklahoma's treasures are kind of tucked away," said landscape photographer Kim Baker.

For 25 years, Baker has crisscrossed Oklahoma, photographing our states' unique landscapes.

"It helps to fulfill the creative side of me, if you will," she said.

Her latest location is Bell Cow Lake near Chandler. It's the kind of setting she loves. Baker says she likes to go to places only locals know about.

"You can't see the best parts of Oklahoma off I-40 or I-35. It really doesn't give you an idea of what Oklahoma is about," she said.

See more at Baker's web site.

Over the years, Baker has taken photographs in about 50 of Oklahoma's counties. Her goal is capturing the beautiful and the unique, with an eye of someone who notices things that most others don't.

With Oklahoma's 11 different eco-regions, one of only four states with more than 10, there's no shortage of material to shoot.

"I've barely scratched the surface of things to take pictures of in Oklahoma, I feel like," she said.

Baker hopes her photography helps to raise awareness about Oklahoma's environment and motivates people to take better care of it.

"I really enjoy showing Oklahomans what they have in their own backyard," said landscape photographer Kim Baker.

It's not just her passion, it's her calling. One that she hopes will bring her back to places like Bell Cow Lake for many years to come as she seeks out unique spot - and snaps great shots of - the beauty all around us.

"I don't feel like I'll ever grow tired of photographing Oklahoma," she said.

Bakers' favorite place to take photos is the top of Black Mesa out in the panhandle. She also loves the Illinois River and just finished up a book on the river with a team of photographers and authors.

Illinois River photos