Once Victims, Turley Couple Fights Back Against Crime

Sunday, October 16th 2011, 3:23 pm
By: News On 6

Emily Baucum, News on 6

TURLEY, Oklahoma -- A Turley husband and wife, once the victim of crime, are asking others to help them fight back.

Marianna Lish is pounding the pavement putting posting a message to criminals. Watch out: neighbors like Lish aren't going anywhere.

"I have no plans to move because of the crime. I'm not going to let criminals drive me out of what we worked hard for," Marianna Lish said.

Those are stunning words, because no one would have been surprised if the Lishes had moved out of Turley last year. Marianna and her husband Michael came home around 9:45 one night to a stranger in the house. In self defense, Michael reached for his gun.

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"After the first shot, he still reached for a weapon. At the time I looked over him, when he went down to his knees, he looked over his head. I noticed my gun off the headboard was gone. That's when I really started saying, 'He's got my gun.' That's what he was going for. He was going to shoot me with my own gun," said Michael Lish.

Michael shot and killed the intruder. He and Marianna call the nightmare a wake-up call.

They formed a neighborhood watch group called Turley Alliance Against Crime. The couple patrols the streets of Turley, reporting crimes to Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies.

"They've been to our meetings. The response time is amazing. They get out here before I'm even off with dispatch," Marianna said.

The Lishes say hope their neighbors see the success and join them.

"We stopped several houses from being broken into," Marianna said. "We've stopped stuff from being stolen out of some guy's yard. That's progress to me. It may not be a lot, but any progress is good progress."

The Alliance holds monthly meetings at the Turley Community Center.