Chelsea Military Family Outraged By Disturbing Letter

Thursday, September 29th 2011, 6:49 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

CHELSEA, Oklahoma -- There's more outrage and disgust over a letter sent to many military members and their families in Oklahoma.

The letter says that military service is nothing to be proud of and that soldiers are working for Satan. The letter is from a man in Utah who has struck a nerve with so many of us in Oklahoma.

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April Lockhart never imagined a letter delivered to her mailbox would deliver such a shock.

"Every ounce of me just made me ill, it made me physically ill, it made me emotionally ill," April said.

A letter sent to John and April Lockhart's son Keaton, who is at the US Naval Academy, made them sick because it attacks military personnel.

"Military service is nothing to be proud of. Those that do not kill directly are guilty as accomplices," April said.

The letter from Ken Wheeler of Utah, sent to many military men and women in Oklahoma, says war abroad is evil and recruits are guilty of all the worst of war.

"No one should take it out on the people that are fighting for us. Especially their own soldiers, I don't understand that," April said.

What the couple does understand is service. John's a veteran, so was his dad. Keaton is at the Naval Academy, daughter Kayla is in ROTC in college, and another son Kennedy is considering the Air Force Academy.

"Whether it's my children, or other peoples' children, they're not going to waver. They're going to stand for me, her, you, the rest of our country," said John Lockhart.

April Lockhart's first reaction was one of disgust, She stopped short of firing back a scathing letter, because she says she doesn't want to give Wheeler the attention he craves.

"Disgusting, crazy. Crazy is probably the best one because he has to be crazy," she said.

The Lockharts' believe if Wheeler disagrees with war, he should send letters to lawmakers, not men and women in uniform, who help preserve and defend his right to free speech in the first place.

"I don't like what he does, but I don't hate him. I just feel sorry for him. That he's so filled with hate," April said.

The author, Ken Wheeler, says he welcomes people to call or write him.