Three Arrested In Tulsa Firearms Burglary

Tuesday, September 20th 2011, 11:50 am
By: News On 6

Dan Bewley and Staff Reports, News On 6

Editor's note:  An earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to the crime as a robbery, and that officers arrested three male suspects.  The crime was actually a burglary and police arrested one female and two male suspects. regrets the errors.

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Police have two men and one woman in custody they believe are connected to the burglary of Tulsa Firearms earlier this month.

Police also recovered 16 weapons during the arrests.

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Tulsa Firearms was robbed September 4, 2011, when someone came through the roof of the East Tulsa business. Police say Jose Trebano, who is in custody for the attempted burglary of Israel Diamond Supply, led them to suspects Marco Pernell "Loco" Hackett and Toni Lynn Cly.

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Investigators followed clue after clue until it lead them to a stash of stolen firearms. It's a table full weapons, hand guns and assault rifles.

"You have a variety of 9mm, .22's, .38's, .45's, and then an AR15," said Tulsa Police Cpl. Gene Watkins.

Each ended up in police custody following a bizarre tale involving Trebano, the Isreal Diamond Supply, a restaurant next door, a hotel down the street, and a Tulsa mini-storage.

"It goes to show that when everybody works together things get solved," Watkins said.

It starts last week when Trebano was found hiding in the ceiling of Charlie Mitchell's restaurant. He was arrested for the attempted burglary of Isreal Diamond Supply which is next door.

He eventually told police he stole 27 weapons from a Tulsa gun store and led them to a handgun he had with him in the air vent.

Trebano also told investigators about Marco Hackett and Toni Cly, who were staying at a hotel, only a few blocks from the restaurant.

It was Hackett who told police about the Admiral Mini Storage where investigators found a bag full of 15 of the stolen firearms.

Detectives say Cly and Hackett didn't steal the weapons; it was their job to keep them and sell them and get rid of them to other gang members in Tulsa.

"We're right now following up on a lead where we think one gentleman bought five and so we're still following up on that," Watkins said.

Police are busy now trying to track down the rest of the stolen weapons and they warn anyone who may have one to turn it in as soon as possible.

"Sometimes people don't realize that they've purchased a stolen gun, but it would be in their best interest to turn it over," Watkins said. "If you're found with it you are going to be sitting in the same place with these other people."

Hackett and Cly are being held on charges of possessing stolen property and illegal possession of a firearm. When Hackett was arrested he had cocaine in his pocket.