Doctor Celebrates 'Dream Come True' In New Greenwood Practice

Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 9:14 pm
By: News On 6

Jennifer Broaddus, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Dr. Calvin Monroe's office doesn't sound like your typical doctor's office—there are no patients quietly waiting their turns. Instead, his waiting room is filled with the sounds of celebration.

For Dr. Monroe, this is the sound of a dream come true. He's wanted to be a doctor since high school.

Now he's opening his practice as the Greenwood Healthcare Specialist for Women.

"When I realized that the dream was achievable and something that was pretty much at arm's reach, I jumped on it," he said.

And for the community, it's the sound of new beginnings.

"This building was a vacant building in the heart of north Tulsa and this is now going to be a place that people can use and use it on a daily basis," Joe Henderson, a member of the Tulsa City Council said.

The area is underserved and most women have to travel downtown or to south Tulsa to meet with a women's specialist.

"There's a great need. I think I'm probably the only obstetrician/gynecologist in this area currently when you consider the span from downtown all the way to Owasso," Dr. Monroe said.

Greenwood health care is meeting patients in their community and doctors will meet with patients on evenings and weekends to better fit their schedules.

Dr. Monroe said he wants to help all women get the care they need. His office accepts most insurance and will work with patients who don't have insurance coverage.

April Zumwalt, a nurse practitioner, said the new practice will "help women learn more about their bodies, help prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer and other things that affect women. Just empower women to just take care of themselves and just take charge of their own health."

Dr. Monroe wants his clinic to help encourage rebuilding in the area.

"My dream would be to see other business owners set up along this street in this area and throughout this community and contributing a larger volume of tax dollars to help this community grow," he said.

Dr. Monroe hopes the name Greenwood and this community's past pioneers will help inspire this community's future. .