Tulsa Grocer, Delivery Service Partner To Bring Groceries To Your Door

Thursday, August 18th 2011, 5:15 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- It may be hard for all of us to understand that, for some, getting to the grocery store can be difficult, even impossible.

That's the situation for those with disabilities and many working parents with after-work schedules packed with activities. But there's a solution designed to relieve the stress.

Reasor's now delivers.

Duane Geasland the online shopping coordinator at Reasor's told News On 6 they just started this week. They've hooked up with Tulsa-based "You Buy, We Fly."

Justin Orcutt and his wife Lauren started "You Buy, We Fly" last summer. News On 6 visited them at their kitchen table headquarters a year ago.

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Back then, it was just them plus one. Now, it's much bigger.

"We have two dispatchers to handle the phone lines and 14 drivers now," Lauren said.

They're still a personal and commercial errand running and delivery service.

This grocery deal as Reasor's Tulsa delivery service is new. Here's how it works: go online or call Reasor's and give them your list. They have a person who does the shopping they bag it up refrigerate or freeze what they need to and call "You Buy We Fly."

"They contact the customer, arrange the time," Duane said.

They send a driver to pick it up and deliver it. If you need the service, the fees seem reasonable.

"It's $5 to use the online shopping, and if you check I want it delivered, it's an additional $10," Lauren said.

Of course, you still can shop the old fashioned way, but you don't have to.