TPS Could Have 22 Schools On Federal Needs Improvement List

Thursday, August 11th 2011, 2:43 pm
By: News On 6

Ashli Sims, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Public Schools identifies 35 schools that could be placed on the federal needs improvement list, but district consolidation and restructuring means only 22 of them remain open.

The state has not finalized the schools on the federal needs improvement list yet, but TPS projects the following schools will be on the list:

Elementary schools: Academy Central, Anderson, Celia Clinton, Emerson, Hawthorne*, Kendall-Whittier, Kerr, Key, Lindbergh, MacArthur, McClure, McKinley, Sequoyah and Whitman;

Middle schools: Clinton and Franklin; and

High schools: Central, East Central, Hale, MET Lombard, Rogers and Webster.

*Schools in bold were not on the federal needs improvement list last year.

TPS had 22 schools on the federal needs improvement list last year, including nearly half of the district's middle schools. The number of schools failing to meet state standards has actually increased in Tulsa Public Schools, but the district closed or restructured 13 of those schools. In the eyes of the law, the middle schools now designated as junior highs, enrolling only seventh- and eighth-graders, are considered new schools.

These are the closed/restructured schools that failed state standards, but technically not considered in need of improvement.

  • Cherokee-Closed
  • Alcott -Closed
  • Houston-Closed
  • Roosevelt-Closed
  • Foster- Restructured
  • Hamilton-Restructured
  • Cleveland-Closed
  • Madison-Closed
  • Nimitz-Closed
  • Whitney- Restructured
  • Byrd-Restructured
  • Lewis and Clark- Restructured
  • Gilcrease- Restructured
  • Rogers - Restructured

"Many of the new additions to the list are due to the state's significantly higher performance standards in 2010 pursuant to No Child Left Behind," said Dr. Ballard.

"We embrace the more rigorous standards and are making great progress toward the goal of making students more college and career ready. We will continue to step up our efforts to realize this goal. Where we are not making progress, we will develop a plan and make corrections along the way. We will continue to make dramatic improvements at TPS."

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The federal No Child Left Behind Law requires all schools not meeting state standards for two years in a row to be placed on the federal needs improvement list. All of the students at these schools, except for those at Franklin, MET Lombard, and Rogers, will be receiving letters from the district notifying them they are eligible to transfer and get district-funded transportation to higher performing schools to higher performing schools.

A school must meet state standards for two years in a row to come off of the federal needs improvement list. Academy Central, Whitman, McClure, Clinton, Central and Hale all met adequate yearly progress this year.

If the trend continues, all of those schools have the potential to come off of the list in 2012.

TPS is sending letters to hundreds of parents notifying them their children could be eligible for a transfer out of a low performing schools.