Weeden? Landry? Kinne? Take your pick

Sunday, July 31st 2011, 8:19 pm
By: News On 6

The state's hottest debate: You can choose one player to lead your team this Saturday. Do you pick Landry Jones, Brandon Weeden or G.J. Kinne?

Each quarterback is a statistical giant. All of them threw for over 30 touchdowns last season as juniors. Each led his team to double-digit wins and convincing bowl victories.

So, who do you want in your huddle this weekend?

I thought about this long and hard. I have watched them all closely over the past two seasons and had to split hairs to make a decision.

But, I'm going with G.J Kinne.

He's got plenty of weapons and used them all to perfection last season. One of his biggest weapons was himself. He passed for 3,650 yards and rushed for 561 more. In all, he found the endzone 38 times in 2010. That's four more than Weeden, and the same number as Jones.

He didn't just hit one guy over and over again, either. Kinne threw the ball to 13 different receivers last season and connected for scores with nine of them. Only 20 percent of his passes went to the team's best receiver, Damaris Johnson, and 76 percent of his passing yards and 87 percent of his passing TDs went to guys other than D.J.

That's ball distribution at its finest.

It's hard to take Kinne over the other two guys, but I had to. Jones and Weeden are limited to the pocket. Neither one of them really ran the ball at all in 2010, unless they HAD to escape pressure.

By comparison, Kinne was the Golden Hurricane's leading rusher.

I love Landry Jones' vision, but he was a bit one dimensional for me. He relied on Ryan Broyles a lot more than his other weapons. He threw 14 of his 38 touchdown passes to Broyles. No other Sooner had more than seven.

When you look at Brandon Weeden, he had the major advantage of having the nation's best receiver to toss to. True, Weeden was partly responsible for making Justin Blackmon the household name that he became over the season, but the guy has the ability to make any quarterback look like the second coming of Joe Namath. On many occasions, all Weeden had to do was get the ball in the air near Blackmon and No. 81 would come down with the ball.

Here are the stats:

An incredible 42 percent of Weeden's passing yards went to Blackmon last year. That's way more than Kinne to Johnson, or Jones to Broyles. Also, 59 percent of OSU's passing touchdowns came courtesy of Weeden – Blackmon hookups. The other weapons on the field weren't used as often. Josh Cooper caught five touchdowns. No other Cowboy had more than three.

There is something to be said for spreading the wealth. There is also something to be said for riding your best horse week in and week out. Both opinions bred success for the Pokes, Sooners and Golden Hurricane in 2010.

Me? I'm a fan of versatility.

The bottom line is you can't go wrong with any of the QBs in this state. I'm just going with Kinne because of the way he spreads the ball around, makes smart decisions (fewest interceptions of the trio) and makes plays with his feet.

Give me Kinne. Bill Blankenship certainly agrees with me. Let's call the other guys a tie for second.