Burger Is Still King At Harden's Hamburgers Of Tulsa

Thursday, July 7th 2011, 6:24 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- The orange barrels and cones are gone, new pavement is down and business is back to normal at Harden's Hamburgers. The folks at Harden's are celebrating with new stuff like hand-dipped ice cream, root beer floats and beer.

The new stuff is popular but the hamburger is still king.

Customer Melissa Epp and three co-workers are conducting a hamburger challenge.

"We have been assessing the burgers and the fried and onion rings," Epp said.

We'll get back to them later.

I'd heard that Harden's had changed some stuff and like anyone who doesn't like change I thought...hmmmm.

"We've been doing it the same way for a long time," said Rick West of Harden's Hamburgers.

One of those changes is hand dipped Blue Bell ice cream in shakes, malts and root beer floats...

"We're selling beer," West said.

That's pretty big change, but seems to be working fine. We were here on Steak finger Thursday.....

Rick Wells, News On 6: "Steaks don't have fingers."
Rick West, Harden's Hamburgers: "They do have fingers and we serve them here."

Some things have definitely not changed. There's still mustard, pickle and onions on the old fashioned.

They still have more Coca Cola memorabilia hanging up than anything else yet they serve Pepsi. Always have.

Rick's very proud of being included in George Mott's Hamburger America book.

Now back to the challenge group. Where else have they been?

"We've been to Ty's we've been to Bogey's. Been to Freddies, Fat Guy's," Melissa Epp said.

I asked what's the best -she said they're not done yet. Maybe we can find them when they're finished, do a follow-up.

The road construction project out front on Sheridan is finished after 450 days. There's a nice new road out front. Business is back.

"The minute they picked up the orange cones up it turned," West said.

By the way, those folks in the challenge - half of them are not supposed to be here. So if you recognized them, don't says anything.