It's time to fire Nolan

Friday, July 1st 2011, 8:57 pm
By: News On 6

It's time. Nolan Richardson has to be fired.

I'm not a guy that normally calls for coach's heads after tough times, but the Tulsa Shock is BEYOND tough times. They team is 1-9 this season. They've been competitive in only three of those games. Dating back to last season, they are 4-34 in their last 38 games.

It's awful. It's embarrassing. And, it's got to fall on Nolan's shoulders.

He's the head coach. He was brought here for a reason. The team hand-picked him because he was such a bright spot in the 80s with TU. Well guess what. It's not the 80s anymore. His 40 Minutes of Hell has been replaced by 60 Minutes of Boredom.

The most puzzling part of the puzzle is that the court is littered with young talent that he just can't seem to guide into the win column. Somewhere along the way, did he just forget how to coach? Liz Cambage is the best player on the court for stretches. Ivory Latta has played much better than most expected. Heck, even 40-year old Sheryl Swoopes is chipping in a few buckets. It's just not turning into wins.

He's got to go. He's 8-37 in his WNBA career. What other coach has a 17% winning percentage and KEEPS his job? If Doug Wojcik or Travis Ford starts 1-13 this upcoming college basketball season, they'd be fired on the spot. Winning franchises/schools don't put up with that mess.

Eight of the 10 players on his team weren't even ALIVE when he took Tulsa to the NIT championship. I know Nolan WAS Tulsa basketball for a stint. But that time is gone.

The sun has set on Nolan's time as the head coach of the Shock. If the team wants to STAY in Tulsa, they have to win. Fans won't support a secondary level pro sports team if it's not winning. The Talons, Drillers and Oilers have sustained because they win. They may not bring back championships, but they are competitive. The Shock isn't even within striking distance most nights. They've lost by 20+ points four times already this year.

It has to be done. Nolan has to go. They won't win with him. And if they don't win, they won't stay.