Will Key Witness In Second Tulsa Police Corruption Trial Score $400k?

Tuesday, June 28th 2011, 6:16 pm
By: News On 6

Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A key witness in the second Tulsa police corruption trial may score some big money.

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Court documents say Ryan Logdson is hoping to get at least $400,000, claiming his civil rights were violated when he was forced to frame a father and daughter for selling drugs.

Ryan Logsdon is kind of like a double spy. First, he was a drug dealer who became an informant for Tulsa police, and then he started working for the FBI, informing against the police.

Logsdon says he was told to frame Larry Barnes and his daughter, Larita, for selling drugs in 2007 by Brandon McFadden, who was an ATF agent and Tulsa police officer Jeff Henderson.

McFadden has pleaded guilty. Henderson says he's innocent and goes on trial next month.

After Ryan told the FBI he framed the Barnes', then passed a lie detector test, the Barnes' were released from prison in 2009.

Henderson's attorney says he has recordings of Ryan made last year, talking about how

Ryan knew the Barnes were drug dealers, but denied it to the feds, so the Barnes' could be set free.

On the recording he says, "... Yeah, he's been selling dope for a long time." And, "That's what the FBI said, too: 'They've been selling dope forever, we could never catch em.'"

Ryan also talks on the recording about how much the Barnes' were paid for their wrongful conviction. "They get $700,000 for every year they were in there… They were in there for a year and a half, so a little over a million. Larita gets it too, that's per person." Ryan also talks about money he's gotten and hopes to get.

On the recording, he says, "I got some cash. I wanna go buy a truck, man, but, I can't buy it right now. The lawyer told me, "Don't do nothing.""

He says his civil rights were violated and his lawyer has been pretty successful suing in those types of cases.

On the recording, Ryan says "he's never settled one case in Tulsa for violation of civil rights under $400,000. If I can get that, I'd be happy as a f------. I might start using'."

The documents also say Ryan, who is an ex-con, says when he first became an informant for the FBI; he was worried about his safety.

In the recording, he says, "I gotta get me a f---ing gun." He says the FBI agent's response was "Ryan, you're not supposed to be around firearms. But in this case, we'll basically overlook it."

The court document says the recordings were secretly made by someone working for Henderson's attorney and these are only excerpts.

Ryan's attorney says Ryan denies any knowledge of the taped conversations. He says they don't even know if it's Ryan on the tape since they've not heard it.

He says Ryan has received no money and hasn't filed a lawsuit and does not own a gun and the FBI didn't tell him he could. I didn't hear back from the U.S. prosecutor's office.

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