Family: Wrong Person Arrested In Death Of 4-Year-Old Muskogee Girl

Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 9:21 pm
By: News On 6

Ashli Sims, News On 6

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -- The family of a four-year-old girl who died after being brutally raped is making shocking claims. The victim's maternal grandmother says the person responsible for the abuse isn't the one behind bars.

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"She was a very precious child," Enola Justice said. "And she did not deserve what she got. There's no way she deserved it at all."

Little Christina had a tough life. She had a rare form of diabetes that affected her kidneys. She had a tracheotomy, a feeding tube, and she couldn't even breathe on her own.

"You walk in the room and just say ‘Hi Christina' or ‘Hi Tina,' cause a lot of us called her Tina, and she'd just smile the biggest smile in the world. She could light up a room with just her smile." Justice, Christina's maternal grandmother, said.

Enola Justice will never see that smile again.

Christina was rushed to the hospital on Sunday and died a day later. Muskogee police say her four short years ended with brutal abuse.

"He told me what it was from and I was like what?" Enola Justice said, crying. "I couldn't believe it. It was horrifying,"

A police report says Christina's paternal grandmother, Betty Hall, noticed the girl was bleeding, when she changed her diaper but did nothing. Hall was arrested for not getting the girl medical treatment and not reporting abuse.

"If she even suspected it, why wouldn't she turn that in? That's what makes me so angry," said Leann Justice, Christina's great-aunt.

Christina's uncle and Betty Hall's oldest son, Robert Meeks II, was arrested for rape and child abuse.

But the family believes the wrong man is sitting in a jail cell.

"I do not feel that Robert Meeks II is the one who done it. I do not," Justice said. "It is my opinion that one of the people that is out walking should be sitting in the jail right along with the rest of them."

The family says Meeks didn't know enough about Christina's medical equipment to be able to disable the machine that monitored her pulse and oxygen levels.

The police won't confirm any other suspects, but they do say they're still investigating.

The family hopes that soon the person who is really responsible for hurting their little girl will be brought to justice.

"Every day of whoever did this life should be done the same way that little girl was. Every day of his life he should be ripped and torn," Cherry Phillips, Christina's great-grandmother, said.

Enola Justice says that DHS took her granddaughter away from her daughter when she was barely a year old, because of concerns over the baby's medical condition.