Two New Female Giraffes Arrive At Tulsa Zoo

Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 2:17 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Two female giraffes have arrived at the Tulsa Zoo and are settling into their new home in the zoo's African Savannah.

The Tulsa Zoo says the first was the 4-year-old female from the Dickerson Park Zoo, "Lexi", and the second female, "Pili", age 2, arrived from the Sedgwick County Zoo.

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The two new giraffes have been introduced to each other and are already becoming fast friends.

Meanwhile, the Tulsa Zoo's male giraffe, "Samburu", is in a separate holding area, but can interact with his herd mates, in ways such as touching and sniffing.

Zoo officials say the giraffes are being closely observed as they each adjust to one another and their new home.

"Lexi is a bit more timid, where Pili, the youngest of the herd, is more curious," said Karen Dunn, Large Mammal Curator, "but when Pili decides to check an area out, Lexi usually follows.

"Samburu is also curious about his new herd mates and is attentive to where his females are, spending a lot of his time nearby. The females also seem to want to keep him in their sights: if he goes in the barn they go in the barn; if he goes outside, they go outside," said Dunn.

The giraffe barn has been fully renovated and the new Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience has been completed.

The Mary K. Chapman Giraffe Experience will be open to the public sometime in July.

The giraffes replace two females who died in separate incidents in less than two months.

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Amira died on January 10, 2010 of hypothermia during a cold snap.

Amali died on December 4, 2009, less than two months after arriving at the zoo with a broken neck from a zoo in Ohio.