So You Think This is a Hot June?

Saturday, June 11th 2011, 8:29 pm
By: News On 6

So you think the month of June is getting off to a hot start? If you saw our early evening newscast, we pointed out that it still does not hold a candle to June of 1911 in which the average high temperature for the first ten days of the month was a scorching 102.8 degrees. But, the past ten days did beat that time frame 100 years ago with respect to the morning lows. We averaged a full degree warmer at night than that record heat wave back in 1911. So, we have set a record of sorts, now where do we go from here?

Unfortunately, the heat just goes on. Sunday morning will start off well above normal once again with morning lows near 70. The storms some lucky folks had late Saturday afternoon will be long gone by then with the possible exception of a system moving quickly eastward along the OK/KS state line during the early morning hours. By Sunday afternoon we will have a brisk southerly wind, partly cloudy skies, and temperatures well into the 90s.

If anything, Monday and Tuesday will be even hotter with highs in the mid to upper 90s and lows in the low-mid 70s. We will also have a dry forecast from Sunday afternoon till late Tuesday night. That is when another boundary looks to be headed our way and it could set off a few showers or storms that night. The boundary now looks like it will be much like the one today in that we will have a light E to NE wind for much of the day Wednesday and a chance for some showers or storms along with a brief break in the heat.

Not for long though as it appears we will be heating back up in time for the coming weekend. The longer range guidance remains at odds however regarding the coming weekend and into the following week. One set of guidance would keep a boundary in the area which suggests a break in the heat along with chances of showers or storms. Another suggests more hot, humid weather with little or no mention of rain. Given the way things have been going so far this June, will side with the hotter, drier solution for now and pray that I am wrong!

In the meantime, stay cool, stay tuned, and check back for updates.

Dick Faurot