Wojcik To Georgia Tech? I wouldn't go...

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:35 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Mar 25, 2011 2:41 PM CDT

Doug Wojcik to Georgia Tech? Is that a good move?

He's already interviewed with the Yellow Jackets. Earlier this year I blogged about Doug's chances at making it to the NCAA tournament.He didn't, again. Fans are starting to get fed up. Is that fair? I think it is much more so than I did two months ago.

He's engaging and smart. He's a guy that has done nothing but win, albeit not in the big tournaments. That's all that matters to Tulsa fans.

My question is, would a move to Georgia Tech but a step up,back or sideways for Doug? I think it's a step back.

It's a step back in terms of his opportunity to win NOW. TheACC is rugged. Duke, North Carolina, Florida State the list goes on and on. GThas had success in the past, but taking over for the highly overpaid PaulHewitt and making GT a enticing destination overnight will be tough.

If Wojcik stays, not that fans here want him to, he's got a better chance to win his conference and make the NCAA tournament. He's got a young, talented team returning with guys like Jordan Clarkson and Kodi Madukato build around. Joe Richard is skilled. DJ Magley showed promise.

I'm not saying that Wojcik deserves to be in Tulsa for 10 more years. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a shot at a bigger conference job. If he landed in Atlanta, he can't be paid much more there than he is here.

I'm saying that, right now, Tulsa is a better job thatGeorgia Tech, in my eyes. There are other openings around the nation. Missouri needs a coach. Oklahoma needs a coach. Soon, (especially if they make the Elite8 or Final Four) maybe Marquette needs a coach. Maybe even Providence orBradley.

There are jobs available for Wojcik. But, if I was him, I'd rather be at Tulsa than at Georgia Tech next season.