Better NFL-er? Clay, Murray or Hunter?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:32 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Jan 29, 2011 4:41 PM CDT

Who will make a better NFL player? Tulsa&rsquo;s Charles Clay, OSU&rsquo;sKendall Hunter or Oklahoma&rsquo;s DeMarco Murray? </p>The Kansas City Chiefs caught up with both of them at theSenior Bowl this week in Alabama. See those interviews <a target="&quot;&quot;" title="&quot;here&quot;" href="&quot;;">here</a>.<br/></p>Murray&rsquo;s skills are much different from Hunter&rsquo;s or Clay&rsquo;s.Murray is a break-away kind of guy. He will spin past you or run by you. He hisamazing athletic ability and head-turning moves in traffic, no less. </p>Hunter is a bowling ball with cleats. He&rsquo;s stocky. He&rsquo;spowerful. He will run over you and, when he gets in the open field, show off alittle bit with some pretty decent speed. He is more likely to get caught frombehind than Murray is, but is also more likely to chip a linebacker&rsquo;s tooth. </p>Clay is a combination of both of those guys. He&rsquo;s fast, butnot lightning quick. He&rsquo;s powerful, but has room to improve. He&rsquo;s a hybrid kindof guy who can play tailback, H-back, tight end or fullback at the next level.He starred at Tulsa and scored nearly 40 touchdowns in his career. He can runit and catch it. </p>Who would you rather have? It&rsquo;s a tough call. All of themhave dealt with injuries, although Clay never really missed any game time. Ithink if I had to pick one guy to take on my team, it&rsquo;d be Clay. </p>Why?</p>He&rsquo;s a lot more versatile. NFL coaches like guys who can domore than just one thing. The days of feature backs in the pros are dwindling.Some of the best rushing teams in the league have two backs to choose from.Hunter could have big success in the NFL. So could Murray. </p>But, neither of them can catch, block or run as well asClay. Clay is bigger than the other two. He can play multiple positions and heis willing to be role player. He may not put up the numbers that a Murray orHunter might in the short term, but I think Clay will have a longer, moresuccessful pro career than his two in-state draft hopefuls. </p>