What I Say Sunday

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:27 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Sep 26, 2010 10:32 PM CDT

From where I sat on Sunday here were some things that popped into my head:</P>-Dolphins coach Tony Sporanao could have been put into the middle of the old Saturday Night Live &ldquo;da Bears&rdquo; skit with George Wendt, Chris Farley and Mike Myers and nobody would have known the difference.</P>-It&rsquo;s amazing what a little desperation can do for a team.&#160; The Dallas Cowboys, dangerously close to the dreaded 0-3 NFL start, played like the team many experts picked to go to the Super Bowl.&#160; DeMarcus Ware&rsquo;s 3 sacks and Roy Williams&rsquo; Cowboy-best receiving day got them through.</P>-How about Roy Williams.&#160; I guess the threat of a rookie taking your job can do wonders for a man&rsquo;s work ethic.&#160; I don&rsquo;t know that when Jerry Jones drafted Dez Bryant he knew he would actually end up getting two good receivers.&#160; But that&rsquo;s now what he has.</P>-The hardest part about making Michael Vick a starting quarterback again was worrying about dealing with public backlash.&#160; His talent is unquestioned.&#160; Either that or Kevin Kolb is headed to the Pro Bowl one day because apparently the Eagles thought&#160; he was better than Vick.</P>-It&rsquo;s a bad time to be an OU kicker.&#160; Past or present.&#160; Patrick O&rsquo;Hara is hurt.&#160; Jimmy Stevens missed another field goal Saturday.&#160; And Garrett Hartley blew a gimme field goal that would&rsquo;ve given the Saints a win over the Falcons in overtime Sunday.&#160; Somebody keep an eye on Uwe Von Schamman and the Lashar brothers.</P>What a great week coming up in sports.&#160; OSU and A&amp;M and mine and my wife&rsquo;s 15-year anniversary Thursday, Ryder Cup, OU and Tulsa on Saturday.&#160; Enjoy.</P><BR/>