Sam Cashes In Without Playing a Down

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:24 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Jul 30, 2010 9:47 PM CDT

Congratulations to Sam Bradford!  He proved, once again, that he is a man of his word.  Bradford is in camp, as he said he would be, signed and ready to go for the Rams first practice on Saturday at 3:00.
And congratulations to his agent Tom Condon for getting all they could get.  The deal is reportedly 6 years and $78-million.  It could be worth as much as $86-million.  And $50-million is guaranteed.

This is why Bradford chose to go to the NFL following his junior season and not wait until after his senior season.

The NFL wants and needs a rookie salary cap.  It will, in all likelihood, get one following this season.  Check out this numbers comparison:

Tom Brady-3 Super Bowl titles and 5 Pro Bowl appearances.  2010 salary $6.5 million.

Drew Brees-1 Super Bowl title and 4 Pro Bowl appearances.  2010 salary $10 million.

Peyton Manning-1 Super Bowl title and 4 Pro Bowl appearances.  2010 salary $14 million.

Sam Bradford-0 NFL games.  2010 salary $13-million (approximate)

ESPNs Chris Mortonsen says he believes that Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers are the only quarterbacks who average more per season than Bradford.

It’s nothing against Bradford.  He made all of the right choices and did exactly what he should have.  

Next year’s top overall pick, at this point that looks like Washington quarterback Jake Locker, will likely make $10-20 million dollars less over the course of his contract.

Once again, Bradford comes up golden.