Does Dez Get It?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:21 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Apr 2, 2010 11:45 AM CDT

Dez Bryant is fed up and its hard to blame him.&#160; But Im still not sure that he gets it.</P>From the information we know, Dezs only misdeed is lying to the NCAA about his contact with Deion Sanders.&#160; Its a big misdeed, but he was dealt a big punishment.</P>As far as we know, Dez hasnt run afoul of the law and was a good teammate at OSU.</P>By all accounts Dez Bryant loves football.&#160; Loves to play it, loves to practice it.&#160; But Bryants reaction to criticism of his pro day workout indicates to me hes not quite aware of what it takes to be an NFL player.&#160; And thats what has the big money NFL guys concerned.</P>Dez showed up to his Tuesday workout with a multi-person entourage and without his favorite cleats.&#160; After many members of the media questioned these actions, Dez responded with these comments on Wednesday: &#160;&#160;&#160;</P>"What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football?</P>Remember Dez, in the business of the NFL you are less a football player than an investment.</P>Nobody has questioned Dez playing football.&#160; What they have questioned is his ability to make good decisions off the field.&#160; You know, decisions that will insure NFL teams that their $20 million dollar investment can stay on the field.&#160; Something that was a problem at OSU.</P>Perhaps the worst thing Dez is guilty of is either not seeking or not listening to the proper advice.&#160; He got poor advice about how to talk to the NCAA and poor advice about how to show up for a workout before NFL scouts.&#160; Can you believe that in a 20-person (reported) entourage NOT ONE PERSON MADE SURE DEZ BROUGHT HIS FAVORITE CLEATS?!&#160; </P>Still, I dont believe Dez is a bad guy.&#160; I think that he has suffered too much for the sins he has committed.&#160; If, indeed, Dezs draft stock has fallen, someone is going to get a steal late in the first round.</P>Some NFL team is going to get a heck of a football player.&#160; Lets hope they get a heck of an investment as well.</P><BR/>