Investigators Target More Suspects In Oklahoma Prescription Drug Ring

Friday, May 6th 2011, 5:22 pm
By: News On 6

Lacie Lowry, News On 6

TULSA COUNTY -- A prescription drug ring is bigger than investigators first thought.

The Tulsa County Drug Task Force arrested two Sand Springs men Thursday. They say the men are key players in the prescription pills distribution network and have dozens of underlings.

Investigators say there are likely two dozen more suspects and three times as many victims, whose names were used on the prescriptions without them even knowing it.

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"We're overwhelmed with evidence right now," Captain Tom Huckeby, with Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, said.

The Drug Task force got to this point, thanks to a whisper on the street about a possible prescription drug ring.

"We were able to go after Rueben, put a name, Castillo, to him, put an address to him and then dragged his number two guy, Joshua Clark, into it," Captain Huckeby said.

Reuben Castillo, Jr. and Joshua Clark are accused of running a very sophisticated scheme. Agents say Castillo got his hands on a blank script from two Tulsa doctors and used a computer for the rest of it.

"He has ordered specific type of paper that the scripts are on and when he prints them off on these papers, he cuts them out and has his script," Captain Huckeby said.

Investigators believe it started last summer and Castillo and Clark's system grew into a full-blown statewide network. They were averaging five pharmacies a night.

"The number of pills that we're getting from them, had they sold them at street value just between these two, it averages out to be $250,000," Captain Huckeby said.

Agents have identified 15 different painkillers and psychotropic drugs so far from the scripts. They seized the pills, as well as three vehicles, drugs, guns and thousands in cash during a search at the Castillo family home in Sand Springs.

News On 6 tried to reach the family for comment, but they didn't come to the door. Neighbor Erika Quinn actually saw the raid at the Castillo house.

"I was shocked, I thought maybe something happened to the house," she said. "I would never have thought it would be something as obscene as the prescription drug stuff."

Investigators are now trying to pin down all the suspects and unfortunately, all the victims.

"There are a lot of people out there who don't realize that they're involved," Captain Huckeby said.

Castillo and Clark were booked on 60 counts of obtaining or trying to obtain controlled drugs with a forged prescription. They are both out on bond.

The Sheriff's office is contacting the doctors and pharmacies who may have been victims in the racketeering network.