Green Country Family Reaches Out To Rural Alabama Tornado Victims

Saturday, April 30th 2011, 5:54 pm
By: News On 6

Lacie Lowry, News On 6

EUFAULA, Oklahoma -- Family and friends of those in the tornado disaster area are desperate to help out. One Green Country family is trying to gather supplies and donations to take to rural areas that aren't receiving much attention.

The Forbes family of Eufaula just threw a donation drive together Friday. They're taking items to Haleyville, Alabama, which didn't have much to begin with.

Gloria Forbes is gathering blankets from her own home to donate to family in Alabama.

"It was yesterday morning that Larry was able to drive fifty miles to get cell service to call and let me know that they were okay," Gloria said.

Gloria's cousin and his family live in Haleyville, a small farming town in northwest Alabama that suffered major destruction in an E-F3 tornado.

"It just broke my heart, it tore me apart. There's babies without diapers and formula, without food, no place to go, no gas to drive out," Gloria said. "Four to six weeks before electricity, they've had no water, not even to drink. It just tore me apart and I have to do something."

Gloria, her husband and son decided to collect supplies -- even though the Forbes are retired and live on a fixed income.

They scrounged up $700 in checks and cash, reached out to a local church, asked friends for help and now they're opening the opportunity up to all of Green Country.

"When there's people around me that need help and are hurting, I want to be some of the first people who are there to help, no matter what," said Gloria's son Cody Forbes.

The family is mapping out their trip, ready to drive down as soon as they get enough donations. They keep the television on in the meantime to watch the rescue and relief efforts.

"All the help is going to the bigger cities, it's the little towns, the little communities that aren't getting help," Gloria said. "Just put yourself in their situation, what would you want? What would you need? Would someone be there to help you?"

The Forbes are asking for essentials like drinking water, diapers, bedding, clothing, and toiletries to give to tornado victims.

If you'd like to help out call Gloria Forbes at (918) 689-7424