Tulsa Public Schools Survey: Parents Support Consolidation, If...

Monday, April 18th 2011, 12:27 pm
By: News On 6


TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Public School parents are willing to have their children change schools if it means the school district would do a better job of preparing their children for college.

That was one of several results of a survey released Monday, April 18, 2011 of 2,560 parents in the Tulsa Public School District.

Parents were asked about their willingness to have their children change schools if it meant gaining better access to college preparatory programs.  Eighty-three percent surveyed were in favor.

Forty-one percent of parents rated access to current TPS programs as "not equitable."

And seventy-two percent of parents expressed support for year-round school.  School officials said when teachers were asked the same question, only 55.6 percent said they supported year-round school.

When it comes to student transfers, the most common reason was better opportunities, with 71 percent of parents surveyed listing that reason.

Read the Tulsa Public School's news release on the survey results.

The survey was sent home with every student and also made available online.

"We are pleased with the response we got from parents who are clearly engaged in their student's education," said Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard. "The information gathered from this comprehensive survey will aid us greatly as we move toward making a final recommendation to the Board of Education. Similar to what we found out with teachers and principals, parents are willing to make a change if it means better educational opportunities for children. By improving accessibility and equity to educational opportunities across the TPS system, we can make great strides toward improving academic achievement and ensuring our students are college- and career-ready."

Read the entire Tulsa Public Schools Project Schoolhouse proposal.

TPS says 6.2 percent of parents in the school took part in the survey about the district's Project Schoolhouse proposal unveiled in March. 

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