More Vandalized Vehicles Pop Up In Bixby

Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 5:57 pm
By: News On 6

BIXBY, Oklahoma -- More vandalized vehicles are popping up in Bixby after dozens of tires were found deflated on the district's fleet of school buses Monday.

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Only air was let out of the bus tires, but something more sinister happened to the vehicles at Car Country off of 132nd and Memorial.

Roger Gibbs says his lots have seen some vandalism in the past. But nothing quite like this. Flat tires and angry scars are what Gibbs walked into at his dealership on Sunday morning.

Vandals either keyed the body or punctured the tires, leaving Gibbs with the damaged cars and a damaged business.

"It's frustrating for sure. A lot of it is the time and effort that it takes to get it fixed and repaired," Gibbs said.

They have about 75 cars on the lot. About 30 were either keyed or had their tires flattened, about half their inventory. Gibbs guesses it will cost at least $20,000 in repairs.

"They got us pretty good this time. I mean that's a chunk of money," he said.

Gibbs said they have discussed installing surveillance cameras but haven't spent the money to do it. Bixby police told Gibbs that the car lot down the road was also vandalized.

"It's just frustrating you know. You can almost understand theft but I don't understand vandalism. It's just doing no one any good," he said.

Gibbs says some cars were keyed three years ago at their lot in Broken Arrow. He says he's thinking about putting up a reward for information on who may be behind the vandalism.