Family Of Oologah Meningitis Victim Jeremiah Mitchell To Move Into New Home

Tuesday, March 8th 2011, 9:16 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

OOLOGAH, Oklahoma -- There are new developments for the family of Jeremiah Mitchell, the little boy from Oologah who had his arms and legs amputated after contracting bacterial meningitis.

Jeremiah's family will soon move into a home of their own thanks to the generosity of fellow Oklahomans.

Jeremiah's mom looked at more than 100 houses and finally found the one just days before from the first anniversary of the meningitis outbreak.

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"I didn't think we were going to get it, and I went from boo-hoo sad, to boo-hoo happy," Machaela Mitchell, Jeremiah's mom, said.

A loving mom deserves to be boo-hoo happy. After all, it's a dream come true.

"He said, 'Do I have the one with the Harry Potter tree in the front yard?'  I was like 'That's the one.' And he was telling his cousin on the way home about 'My room is big enough to have 20 plus two more in it,'" Machaela said.

Every little boy loves to have plenty of room to play, but every little boy isn't quite like Jeremiah Mitchell.

One year ago this week, he contracted bacterial meningitis. Then, while the family was away getting him medical treatment in Cincinnati, a storm destroyed their home.

"I didn't know how much more I could take," Machaela said.

But now, they'll have a place of their own. Jeremiah already has his room picked out.

"Craig Day, News On 6: "What are you going to put in your room?"
Machaela Mitchell, Jeremiah's Mom: "What are you going to put in your room?"
Jeremiah Mitchell: "My OU stuff!"
Machaela Mitchell, Jeremiah's Mom: "His OU stuff."

Owning their own home came about because of kindness, including a benefit youth baseball tournament, and fundraisers organized by area police and KRMG.

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"Without the kindness of people's hearts, it wouldn't have been," Machaela said.

The donations went to a fund managed by the Trust Company of Oklahoma to cover the needs of Jeremiah and his family, including the home.

"The hearts that people have and the blessings they have given us is just unbelievable," she said.

Closing on the home should be in 30 days, in time for Jeremiah to hunt Easter eggs in the big back yard. They're so thankful, and happy.

Jeremiah Mitchell: "Blue."
Machaela Mitchell, Jeremiah's Mom: "You want to paint it blue? I'm not painting the house blue. You can paint your room blue."
Jeremiah Mitchell: "Yeah, but not the outside."

Big ideas for their new home, and big goals for one inspirational little boy.

"I see him climbing that tree in our front yard, one of these days," Machaela said.

Jeremiah begins physical therapy this week to improve his balance and core strength so he can adapt faster to his prosthetic legs. He'll go to Cincinnati at the end of the month for a checkup.