Green Country Students Return To Class After Nearly Two Weeks Off

Sunday, February 13th 2011, 6:15 pm
By: News On 6

Lacie Lowry, News On 6

SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma -- The snow break is over for most Green Country students. Many schools head back to class Monday after two weeks of snow days brought education to a standstill.

Will the day ahead bring any struggles?

The teachers and principals News On 6 spoke with say parents can do one very important thing this week to help the transition a little smoother.

Tristen and Haiden have been pedaling through their snow days. But the sun is bringing their riding days to a screeching halt.

"We've been staying up late and it's going to be hard to wake up," said Sand Springs 3rd Grader Haiden Staab.

Haiden says the homework is also a little harrowing.

"Because I haven't done it in two weeks, because when we miss a couple of days, I forget how to write sometimes," she said.

What do they remember from before the February break?

"Division, I remember division. Fractions, fractions and times." Tristen and Haiden said.

That's what teachers like Twana Ballard want to hear. She teaches math at Sand Springs and the snowfall will help with her upcoming measurements lesson.

"The kids will all say, we'll I received 12 inches, okay then how many feet? And we can use that and it's a great tool!" Ballard said.

Ballard expects kids to snap back to routine quickly.

"Whatever I teach that day, they will have homework that night to reinforce what I taught. If the parents will just go over it with them and help them, they'll be ready," she said.

Ballard's principal is pushing for that parent involvement.

"They just need to stay in tune with what the kids are doing as far as their homework, especially math and reading. Those are our tested areas in sixth grade, so those will be our focus as we go forward," said Danese Tanner, Sand Springs 6th Grade Center Principal.

Tanner says standardized tests will be moved back. It's unclear how far back, possibly two full weeks or more, but Tanner says no instructional time will be lost.

So Haiden and Tristen are playing Sunday, before hitting the books Monday.

Many school districts are still formulating a plan to make up snow days.

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