Computer Savvy Baby Boomers Enjoy Technology, Social Media

Friday, February 11th 2011, 5:46 pm
By: News On 6

Kirsten McIntyre, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's amazing to think about how much technology has changed during the lifetime of baby boomers. Computers are now small enough to sit in your lap, and the Internet allows for instant communication worldwide.

Although baby boomers didn't grow up attending computer classes, that's not stopping many Oklahoma seniors from becoming computer savvy, and even enjoying social media.

George Tousey retired several years ago and now fills his time taking different courses. He said he's finally got the time to learn what he couldn't when he was working full time, and he likes the challenge.

"It's amazing to me because children that are in elementary school, their skills are much more highly developed than mine will ever be because they grew up with it," said Tousey. "To me, all this stuff is new. And it's more difficult to learn."

John Harbour has discovered Facebook. The website began as a way for college students to connect but now has members of all ages.

"I like Facebook because I can be a small part of my granddaughter's life experiences," Harbour said.

Social media is also growing among seniors because it gives them a way to stay connected to friends and former co-workers.

Social media is growing among the 55-plus crowd. Facebook says its fastest growing group is women over 55.

There are several places that offer free computer classes targeting this age group. You can call RSVP at 918-280-8656, the Tulsa City-County Library at 918-549-7323 or Broken Arrow Seniors at 918-259-8377.