How To Entertain Your Kids In Oklahoma Blizzard Aftermath

Thursday, February 10th 2011, 10:51 am
By: News On 6

Carrie Netherton,

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A lot of schools are canceling class which means a lot of parents are trying to find ways to entertain kids. That's especially difficult for parents who are also trying to "work" from home.

Here are some ideas to help cure "cabin fever" in your home.

Once again, Dax and Olivia Sailsbury are playing with every single toy in their house.

"Building Legos, playing with my DSIXL, shooting Nerf guns," said 6-year-old Dax Sailsbury.

"We made snowflakes, and we played make-up with Mommy," said Olivia Sailsbury, age 5.

Mom April Sailsbury, is trying to work from home and entertain the kids, without them destroying the house.

"Literally the weekend before this, I wrote a blog about how I want another minute with my kids, how there aren't enough minutes in the day for my kids. There's enough minutes now," she said.

The kids are riding cars around the house. They've created a "secret basement" to watch movies. They're doing artwork.

And Olivia is even trying to learn to jump rope.

Inside the Welch home, it's the same story.

Five-year-old Charlie gets to spend more time playing Wii, while his mom works on stuffing 1,000 envelopes for a fundraiser she's planning -- that's two weeks away.

Charlie also gets to watch more TV than usual, and he's getting really good at playing "pick-up stix."

"I love to have other kids over because they can entertain each other, and I just send them to the playroom and I can get work done down here. I turn the monitor on to make sure they're not killing each other," said Lindley Welch, mother.

This is what I did on day two: I pitched a tent in my living room to entertain my toddler. Other moms have sent us pictures of their kids cooking, doing face paint and on those really cold days, bringing the snow inside to play. 

"I think we've had snow ice cream every day. We've made rice krispie treats' I can't even tell you have many times we've had cookies, a lot of eating," April Sailsbury said.

Both moms agree - it's about survival. Forget the rules, just create a happy environment. 

"If you get stressed out and everybody gets stressed out, it just makes everything worse," said Lindley Welch. "Just throw the rules out the window."

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