Three Men Arrested In Plot To Kill Tulsa Police Detective

Friday, January 28th 2011, 11:18 am
By: News On 6 and Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A plot to kill the head of Tulsa Police Department's homicide unit has landed three men in jail.

The three were arrested for planning to kill TPD Sergeant Mike Huff after wiretapped phone calls revealed conversations between three men.

Records say Phillip Summers, 25, a leader of the Crips gang who is already in jail for murder, wanted Sergeant Huff murdered. They say Summers asked a person to contact 23-year-old Demonte Bell, who is not in jail, to get the ball rolling.

Records say Summers is mad at sergeant Huff after Huff testified against Summers in court on the murder case and most recently, for searching Summers' jail cell, to collect evidence in a murder plot to kill Tulsa County DA Tim Harris.

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"The nature of the job doesn't make people happy. I'm dealing with the most violent people in society, it's not very surprising," Huff said.

They say Summers didn't realize the person he was using as a go-between was actually an undercover cop.

Summers got Michael Lucas, 25, to agree to carry out the hit as soon as they learned where Sergeant Huff lives.

Lucas had been arrested days before for having loaded assault rifles. The undercover officer asked Phillips what to do about the woman at Huff's home and Summers said, "wait til she leaves and just kill Huff."

"It was personal, it was my family. This was a wake up call for me," Huff said.

Lucas and Bell agreed to meet the undercover officer to get Huff's address, but officers searched Bell's home and arrested him before the meeting could happen.

Police used a wiretap warrant to listen to phone calls between Summers and the others, and confiscated jail notes that they say also confirms the murder plans.

Huff helped put Summers away for the murders of Shelly and Ples Vann. Police say he killed them for no other reason than they were the parents of a rival gang member.

Summers got the death penalty, but his case was overturned on appeal and he's awaiting a new trial.

Sergeant Huff says he and his wife and kids took precautions during the past few weeks and even though the plot was stopped in time, they'll remain vigilant.

"I have a gun on all the time anyway. We'll continue to be more aware but it does make you feel vulnerable," Huff said.

Sergeant Huff is very grateful to Tulsa police, ATF, OBN and the sheriff's office for their work on this case.

Charges are pending in this case and the murder plot against the DA as well.