Northeast Oklahoma Digs Out From Snowstorm

Thursday, January 20th 2011, 4:46 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day & Ashli Sims, News On 6

UNDATED  -- Folks are digging out from the winter storm all over Green Country.

Five-year-old Christian Campuzano couldn't wait to get outside with his mom Randi to play.

"At first I went to eat an apple so I would have some energy," he said.

When you're five years old, you need all the energy you can get because snow is fun.

"It's pretty cool," Christian said.

For others, especially if you have to drive in it, it can go from big deal to an ordeal. But as winter storms go, it could have been worse.

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"Well it's winter, so you can expect it," Sanford Alvis said, laughing.

Sanford Alvis could be at home, warm and cozy. Instead, like many Oklahomans, he's scooping, scraping and shoveling what old man winter left behind.

"Clearing out a way for people to park and walk in without wading in the snow," he said.

Retta Crawford is also hard at work, and is just about finished clearing her driveway.

"If you don't get it off now, it's going to freeze tonight and it will be ice tomorrow," she said. "So it's better to get it off today."

At 84 years old, she's seen a lot of snowfalls. The latest one is no big deal.

"I think this is good for you, as long as you can get out and do it," Crawford said.

Over in Claremore, Blue Starr Drive is more like the Blue Starr slide, as kids take advantage of a day off school.

Unfortunately, sleds aren't the only things sliding in some parts of Rogers and Mayes Counties. Although passable at slower speeds, highways and snow packed side streets are still slick.

In Dewey, the plows were out early Thursday morning clearing the roads.

With no customers in sight, one businessman said it was optimism pushing his shovel.

"I liked it in California a lot better," he said.

But what's bad for business was good for children who dreamed of a snow day.

"They said that Dewey had no school, I was really happy," one student said.

But while they played, crews were hard at work clearing Dewey schools, trying to make sure one day off didn't become two.

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