Tulsa Man Jailed For Stalking, Harassing Neighbors

Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 8:06 pm
By: News On 6

Tara Vreeland, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Neighbors in east Tulsa are breathing a little easier because they say a neighborhood nuisance is behind bars for now.

Tulsa Police arrested a man they say has been harassing his neighbors for months.

Tommy Stout, 59, is in the Tulsa County Jail Wednesday for a slew of reasons, including violating protective orders, resisting arrest, eluding officers, and stalking just to name a few.

The neighborhood is quiet, but neighbors are nervous if Stout bonds out.

Neighbors say Stout is not someone you want to share a fence with.  Police say the 59-year-old has been wreaking havoc in this East Tulsa neighborhood

"I guess he was speeding bad and driving crazy and stuff. He was screaming at her. They pulled into the driveway and she got out, came over here and was just bawling," said Melissa, who did not want to be identified by last name.

Stout lives with his mother, who neighbors say is verbally abused by her son.

"I think he needs to stay away from his mom. Because he's not good to her. I think she's scared of him, but he's her only son," Melissa said.

The neighborhood menace has soured his welcome. Though he hasn't necessarily been violent to anyone, neighbors say his behavior is cause for concern.

"He gets a blower out, and he blows leaves all across his yard and he'll scream vulgar things over and over. And then he screams 'ouch, ouch!'" his neighbor said.

Stout was arrested earlier in December after police say he unsuccessfully tried to light a neighbor's house on fire. That neighbor filed a protective order against Stout which police say he violated twice on Tuesday.

They say Stout put his hands in his pockets and inappropriately touched himself while the neighbor stood at her front door. They also say he sat in a lawn chair and pretended to photograph their house.

"You knocked on the door and he's the first person I thought of. When you knocked on the door I thought - please don't let him be over here," Melissa said.

A police report says officers attempted to serve a felony warrant to Stout on Tuesday. But he ducked between two homes and took off up a creek behind the houses before police were able to arrest him.

"Police have been here constantly. Every other day police will be here," his neighbor said.

The neighbors we spoke with do not want to be identified.

Stout is being held on a more than $80,000 bond. Charges include two acts of violation of a protective order (after former conviction of a felony); stalking, eluding police, resisting arrest and outraging public decency.