Oklahoma Moms Hope Folks Flip For New Dice Game

Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 4:48 pm
By: News On 6

Carrie Netherton, 918Moms.com

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Three Green Country women are taking their love for a game they've played for years into the national spotlight. It's called "Flip-OH," and they hope the rest of the country sees its appeal.

It's a game of chance with lots of counting and flipping over game pieces. 

Three Tulsa moms are rolling the dice and hoping others see the appeal. Anne Bevilacqua, Jan Blanchard and Diana Drake were introduced to this game 15 years ago at Tulsa Bible Church. 

"We fell in love with it then, and every time we've played it people would ask ‘Where do I get this game, I love this game,' so we decided to bring it to the masses," said Anne Bevilacqua, co-managing partner.

Ann and her partners decided to mass market the game.

"Our kids are getting older, and we're moms that just wanted something to do!" she said.

Before Flip-OH, these women had much different lives, Anne worked in sales, Jan in marketing and Diana in education. 

"It takes all of us; we're good puzzle pieces that fit together," said co-manager partner Diana Drake.

Here's how you play Flip-OH: four people sit at a table, each person has a row of tiles with numbers two through 12. Your partner is across the table. 

"You take turns rolling the dice and flipping tiles and the goal is for you and your partner to flip over all your tiles before anyone else in the room.

When that happens, you both scream, "Flip-OH" and you win the round. Everyone switches partners and start again. People can play as many as six to eight rounds.

The key to winning "Flip-OH?"

"Roll fast, don't take it and blow on it and throw it, you want to roll fast!" said Jan Blanchard, co-managing partner. 

The women say Flip-OH is a great icebreaker for large groups of people, and it can get really loud!

"We actually did a wedding rehearsal dinner once and those events, people don't know each other, but it was a fun evening because people got to interact with each other."

They hope Flip-OH becomes a household name. Until then, they'll just keep playing. 

You can buy the Flip-OH game in Tulsa at the Apple Tree. It costs $29.95 and has enough pieces for 16 people to play.

You can also order it online at FlipOH.com