Loud Toys Harmful For Children

Friday, December 10th 2010, 3:35 pm
By: News On 6

Carrie Netherton, 918 Moms.com

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Most kids will have some kind of technology on their Christmas "wish list," but parents will want to pay attention to the loud toys.

The number of Americans ages three-years-old and older, with some form of a hearing disorder, has doubled since 1971.

When it comes to toys, kids, like London and Aiden Bein, have their favorites. But some toys are so noisy it can annoy parents.

"Sometimes she's like, London, turn that down, I can hear it," London said.

Eventually cause hearing loss. Audiologist Dr. Jacque Scholl says most parents don't realize the damage these loud toys can do to their children's' ears.

The Sight and Hearing Association tested noise levels of popular toys for six-month-olds to seven-year-olds. Some toys, like one phone, have a noise level on par with a standard alarm clock.

Another toy, an animal parade, tested at a level that is comparable to a chainsaw.

Dr. Scholl suggests parents do research and if possible, use noise limiters.

"If your child says I really want an I-pod. Okay, then give them noise-limiting earbuds, so they can't turn up the music too loud," Dr. Scholl said.

Another suggestion is to mix technology with educational toys that require kids to interact.

"Some of those would be blocks. You can talk about going over, going under, building to the left, building to the right," said Monica Bein, a speech pathologist.

Tea sets, trains and farms sets are also good interactive games where kids can learn, without them even realizing it.

The Bein siblings like a new game called "Hedbanz."

"I like to do guessing games and you have to guess what you are," London said.

The Sight and Hearing Association on its website has a list of the Noisiest Toys for 2010.