Tulsa Cooking Studio Teaches Kids Hands-On Cooking Lessons

Friday, December 3rd 2010, 5:33 pm
By: News On 6

Carrie Netherton, 918moms.com

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Whether it's putting up a Christmas tree or singing carols, many families have traditions during the holidays.

It's also a good time to start a tradition of cooking with your kids, no matter what their age.

Shaking, pounding and measuring all part of any other cooking class, except the students are kids!

Although she may look intense while cooking, 9-year-old Katie Chastian says the kitchen is her "happy place."

"Sometimes, there are times when I want to run around the house and when I cook, it makes me feel relaxed," Katie said.

She is learning how to make stuffed chicken breasts at Sage Culinary Studio.

Owner and Founder Catherine DeCamp says cooking with kids is a great way to get them to try new foods, and start traditions.

"What you want to do is create a positive memory and no memory is better than a negative memory because these kids are going to remember that," DeCamp says.

Chefs at Sage Culinary Studio say kids of all ages can be in the kitchen with their parents. The young ones can do things like season the meat, while the older kids can do more advanced techniques like cutting.

It's important for parents to remember, it's okay to protect your kids, but try not to hover.

"Let them have some freedom, let them do the chopping. From ages five and up, we use the real knives, we don't use plastic knives and pizza cutters," DeCamp said.

The chefs teach the kids the correct way to use sharp objects. DeCamp says the end result doesn't have to be perfect. Keep "art" in mind.

"Just like you wouldn't grab a child's paintbrush and redo their artwork they've done, you should never take their food creation and create it for your liking," DeCamp said.

Katie is making art by drawing in her flour. She also now makes desserts for her family, something that could become her new tradition.

DeCamp says the easiest recipe to cook with kids is a pecan pie.

Sage Culinary Studio has classes for kids ages three to eighteen and adults. There are two locations and classes every day.