Oklahoma's Own: 6-Year-Old Pryor Girl Grateful For Gift Of Hearing

Wednesday, November 24th 2010, 4:58 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

There are many things we far too often take for granted, but Thanksgiving is a time to reflect about our blessings. A beautiful little girl fighting cancer is getting a much needed gift just in time for Thanksgiving.

My latest Oklahoma's Own report shows you how kind hearted friends, family, her doctor and even strangers helped to make it happen.

The cute little girl sitting with her stuffed cheetah Spotty, is Sadie Jeffcoat. She's giggling even though she's at the doctors' office.

There have been a lot of doctors' visits in the last year. At six years old, she's fought a brain tumor.

"A juvenile polycystic astrocytoma," said Ashley Jeffcoat, Sadie's mom.

Doctors removed it, but Sadie lost hearing.

"She's total loss in the right ear," Ashley said.

This doctor's visit is actually a good visit, one the family has been looking forward to. Sadie is getting a bone anchored hearing aid.

"She's missing a lot, and she won't miss it anymore," her mother said.

Dr. Jacque Scholl's only rule is that when the device is turned on, mom gets to speak to her first.

Ashley: "Can you hear me?"
Sadie: "Yes."
Ashley: "Out of which ear?"
Sadie: "This one."
Ashley: Oh, my gosh!"

It's a touching moment: one even more special knowing it may not have happened if not for the generosity of others.

"It's incredible - humbling and a blessing," said Ashley Jeffcoat.

People in Pryor organized a benefit rodeo to raise money to get Sadie's hearing aid. Oklahoma requires insurance to cover the cost of them for children, but insurance companies based out of state are governed by federal rather than state guidelines - meaning they often don't cover hearing aids for kids, leaving the burden on parents.

"We're talking six, seven, eight thousand dollars for a set of hearing aids and the majority can't do it," said Dr. Scholl.

Kind hearted folks wouldn't let the cost be an obstacle for Sadie's family. The rodeo brought in enough to cover the cost, and then some.

"It's remarkable, it's awesome. We're thrilled," Ashley said.

Not only will Sadie now be able to hear simple things like Spongebob – her favorite cartoon - her doctor says the device will also help her socially and academically.

"This little way we can help her, it's going to make a big difference in her life," said Dr. Jacque Scholl.

For a mom with already enough to worry about, this is a blessing just in time for Thanksgiving. She's thankful for technology, touched by the kindness of others, and grateful her daughter can hear again.

"A big huge difference in her life, forever, for now on," said Ashley Jeffcoat, Sadie's mom. "She needed this, and she needed it really bad."

Because many insurance companies don't cover the expense of hearing aids for kids, Dr. Scholl has formed the Children's Hearing Aid Project to help. It's part of the non-profit "Total Source for Hearing-Loss and Access," which is a United Way agency.

Find out more about the Children's Hearing Aid Project.