Oklahoma's Own: Sand Springs Business Captures Bedlam Spirit

Tuesday, November 23rd 2010, 4:38 pm
By: News On 6

Craig Day, News On 6

SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma -- With so much on the line, including a trip to the Big 12 championship, the bedlam buildup is boiling.

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At A Better Smile in Sand Springs, some will be grinning after the bedlam game. Others will frown like they've had a root canal. But right now, leading up the between Oklahoma State and the University of Oklahoma, everyone is enjoying bedlam week.

"We love college football," said Dr. Dana Ross, a Sooner fan. "I know we're women, but we love college football just like the guys."

This is truly an office divided. Split right down the middle.

Half are Cowboys fans.

"Pistols firing! Even my four year old can do that," said Jami Stinson, an OSU fan.

The other half are Sooner supporters.

"Boomer. Number one baby!" Dr. Ross said.

All are revved up for the big game, and the office shows it. From sooner streamers, to cowboys foam fingers, and balloons, even the trash cans are decorated.

While OU fans are looking for a Sooner smack down, and Cowboys fans hope to hear pistols firing, everyone wonders what it's going to be like after the game and they have to all come back to work on Monday.

If OSU loses?

"I think I'm going to call in," Stinson said. "Not going to be feeling too good."

What if OU falls short?

"What they need to realize is their jobs are dependent on the Sooners. So I don't know what else to tell them," Dr. Ross said, laughing.

But there are more important things on the line than job security. We're talking bedlam bragging rights.

"They know we're going to win, that's why they harass us like that," said Ashley Burks, an OU fan.

"It's ugly around here. It's definitely a battle," Stephanie Ruff, an OSU fan, said.

Once bedlam week is over and the frenzy dies down, they'll put up the Christmas decorations and they'll be like one big happy family again. But for now, it's on.

The two sides wouldn't even decorate at the same time, the Sooner and Cowboys fans each took turns. They even had to make a rule that they couldn't take each others' decorations down. But, they're having a lot of fun, and said this, by far, is their biggest bedlam buildup yet.

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