Wednesday, November 17th 2010, 9:08 pm
By: News On 6

Our strong, but little, storm system that brought cold rain, wind and falling temperatures to Green Country is moving out.   In it's wake will be gusty winds and gradual clearing from the west toward morning.   Freeze warnings are in effect to the west of Tulsa for Thu. AM.   The Tulsa area will be near freezing for several hours but since we have already had wide spread freezing temperatures we not be as affected as areas to the west.

A warm up starts on Friday after a rather neutral day on Thursday... Neutral except we are turning on Christmas light in Jenks...  That is close to 21 years of starting the season a little early.   Some don't like it that early.   I have gradually changed my mind as it seems we live faster and faster and there isn't nearly as much time, mentally, as there was 40 years ago to enjoy Christmas.  So why not get it front and center and make us all get in gear?   I still respect Thanksgiving.   It means as much to have family at Thanksgiving as it does at Christmas as both are special times.   While I'm at it...  You can also join us for the Rhema Christmas Lighting ceremony next Wednesday evening.   THAT is something you almost need to take the kids to at least once if you haven't.   Yes, it will be cold but it should if you are turning on the lights!

We are going to discuss how cold it will be next week during the newscast over the next few days as we get better info.  Yes, it will be cold...  We just can't quite promise when it will start and when it will thaw!  We still need several more days to get that down.  Join us on Ch. 6 for the latest updates tonight and Thursday AM with Alan Crone.