Lengthy Ballot Awaits Oklahoma Voters At The Polls Tuesday

Monday, November 1st 2010, 6:22 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Wright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- When voters get to the polls tomorrow, they'll have to sort through one of the longest, most complicated, ballots in recent memory.

The ballot this year almost read like a small novel with all the races on one side, and the 11 state questions on the other. So if you're not familiar with what you're voting on before you vote, you could be inside for a while.

Study the ballot at NewsOn6.com/politics.

Despite the lengthy ballot, early voters completed the ballot relatively quickly.

Ted Eliot, early voter: "My clock I started is just hitting ten minutes now,"

Chris Wright, News On 6: Is that faster than you anticipated?"

Ted Eliot, early voter: "No, it's about what I thought. I was pretty familiar with the issues. I knew what I wanted to do."

Rex Jones, early voter: "12 minutes."

Chris Wright, News On 6: "We were actually timing you through that whole process."

Rex Jones, early voter: Didn't take long did it?"

But voting is not expected to be so pain-free on Tuesday. Larger crowds, longer lines, and a convoluted ballot could mean delays.

"In my 24th year, this is the longest one I can ever remember," said Shelly Boggs, with Tulsa County Election Board.

Election Board Members say the 11 state questions are unprecedented. Many are long and wordy, so officials recommend reading them over online, and bringing notes with you to the polls.

If you go in cold, they say your voting experience may not be a pleasant one.

"Having not looked at it at all, a voter could probably anticipate spending at least 30 minutes in the booth," Boggs said.

While many voters may not look forward to the research, some believe it's part of the responsibility that comes with casting your ballot.

"It's much less of a hassle and this is a very convenient way to do it," Eliot said.

"It's better to get out and do things, be early, be pro-active and get the job done quick," Jones said.

Officials say turnout for early voting was a little heavier than expected. They said more than 5,000 voters showed up on Friday, Saturday and Monday to vote early.