Green Country Law Enforcement Getting Seized Drug Money

Friday, October 8th 2010, 1:34 pm
By: News On 6

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -- Several Green Country law enforcement agencies will soon be getting additional funds, thanks to the sale of seized property of suspected drug dealers.

According to United State's Attorney's Office of Eastern Oklahoma, the total amount of $669,508.27 will be distributed to eight state agencies.

The property, located in Pittsburgh County, was seized by authorities after a 5-year investigation into a large methamphetamine operation in the McAlester area.

Authorities say the suspects used income from the sale of meth to purchase property and assets. They used different methods in an attempt to conceal the source of the income from law enforcement, according to investigators.

Eleven people were eventually charged in the operation and four tracts of land seized.

The money will be distributed to following agencies:

  • McAlester Police Department                  $220,937.73
  • Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics               $167,377.07
  • District 18 District Attorney's Office        $ 80,340.99
  • District 22 District Attorney's Office        $ 20,085.25
  • Muskogee Police Department                 $ 13,390.17
  • Muskogee Sheriff's Department              $ 13,390.17
  • Seminole Police Department                   $ 6,695.08
  • Krebs Police Department                        $ 13,390.17
  • Asset Forfeiture Fund (DEA)                   $133,901.64