Oklahoma Woman's Lost Wallet Found On Facebook

Thursday, October 7th 2010, 4:41 pm
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Good Samaritan used social media to track down a single mom who lost her wallet and all of her money.

Erin Langenderfer, a home health nurse, is always on the road and always making stops.

"You stop to stretch your legs, you stop to go to a patient's house, you stop to get gas, you stop to get food. You stop to use the bathroom, you stop just to get out of the car period," she said.

While on one of those stops, she dropped her wallet with everything inside, including her cash. For a single mom with two kids, who works two jobs, that's tough.

"I don't work two jobs for fun, so I don't have time to lose money anywhere," Langenderfer said.

Just about the time she was about to give up on ever finding her wallet a breakthrough came on Facebook while she was stuck in traffic.

"Sobs, big huge heavy sobs," Langenderfer said.

She cried because someone had found her wallet.

"My daughter was in the car and she said what's wrong with you? I'm fine," she said.

The wallet was found at a parking lot near 71st and Mingo. The person who found it, Tamara Cole, tracked her down on Facebook.

"She's like 'I didn't know what else to do so I figured I could find you on Facebook.' I was like, it's my favorite thing, so I'm on there," Langenderfer said.

Now with her wallet back, Erin is overwhelmed knowing there are still honest folks with values more important than money.

"I was so impressed with her, so impressed," she said.

Now, she's a little more careful and extremely thankful. And yes, Erin and Tamara are now Facebook friends.

"One of my friends asked 'well is she your friend on Facebook now,' and I'm 'she's my best friend in life this week,'" Langenderfer said. "I love her."

News On 6 anchor Craig Day talked with the Tamera Cole on the phone and she says what she did was no big deal.  She tried calling the Department of Motor Vehicles and looked in the phone book without any luck.  So she said Facebook was her next best guess to track Erin down.