OSU Launches Social Media Website Targeting Students

Friday, August 20th 2010, 12:36 pm
By: News On 6

By Mindy Mizell, The News On 6/NEWS 9

STILLWATER, OK -- An Oklahoma college campus has launched its own social media website some are comparing to Facebook. But why would school officials do that when there is already a ton of social networking sites vying for students' attention?

Facebook, Myspace and all these social networking sites are so popular among college students that this year, Oklahoma State University has decided to launch its own version.

It is called 2010.okstateu.com, and it started out as an experiment in May. After thousands of students signed up to participate, OSU decided to keep it around this year. Basically it's like a Facebook tailored just for students at OSU, designed to help incoming students transition to college.

Users create an online profile and can share update. There are online forums for students to chat with one another. One of the most helpful features is that students can even ask questions of the staff 24 hours a day and get a response.

Organizers say they've even discussed the possibility of eventually allowing students to take over the site so it's also entirely student run.

Students are not expected to get rid of their other social networking accounts, but organizers hope the targeted social media website will enhance their college experience. Organizers say students seem to be using it differently than Facebook because most of the conversations students have on the OSU site involve academics and campus life.