Tulsan Has Outdoor Toilet - For The Dogs

Thursday, August 5th 2010, 4:49 pm
By: News On 6

What dog owner wouldn't want an in-ground flushable toilet for dog waste? Yes, you heard correctly.

It's called PowerLoo. When Rick Wells heard of one operating in a Tulsa backyard, he couldn't wait to get the scoop.

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Here's the poop on the PowerLoo. Marilyn King's had it in her midtown backyard for about a month. She says she's very happy with it.

"We found it on the Internet," she said. "We were looking for an alternative to a poop can."

The cleanup is the worst part of dog ownership.

It can be pretty nasty," Marilyn said.

Yes ma'am it can. She said she'd show us how it worked.

"I have some product here," she said, demonstrating the PowerLoo.

I don't think I've ever heard it called "product" before, but you know what she's talking about.

"Open, up - hopefully don't splash," she said. "Down it goes; PowerLoo: it's like a turbo toilet."

It's not like you train the dogs to use it. You still have to clean up the old fashioned way. Keeping up can be a problem.

"It can pile up on you - no pun intended," said Marilyn King, Tulsa resident and owner of the in-ground flushable toilet for dog waste.

So where are King's dogs today, anyway? She said they were at a local doggie day care for a play day, so we went to have look.

Sam and Elmer Fudd are big Labs, all the more reason to have a PowerLoo, I guess.

"Best thing since sliced bread," Marilyn said.

There she goes again - but properly installed, the PowerLoo flushes the problem into the sewer system or septic tank to be disposed of safely and cleanly.

"It makes life a lot easier," she said.

America is a great country.