Six Horses Take A Morning Gallop Through Tulsa

Wednesday, July 28th 2010, 9:13 am
By: News On 6

By Craig Day, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Six horses on the loose, roamed their way through Tulsa neighborhoods early Wednesday morning across busy streets and even through University of Tulsa campus and it was all caught on tape. 

You'll want to see the video, and find out more about how Tulsa Police turned cowboys.

News On 6 photojournalist Gary Kruse captures a lot of overnight and early morning images on his dash cam.  From fires, crime scenes to bad weather. 

"I always tell people I shoot the three B's.  Things that are bleeding, bent or burnt.  And that seems to cover most everything I do," said Gary Kruse. 

But it didn't cover what he saw as he wrapped up his latest overnight shift. 

"Apparently the police officers got a call about some horses loose," said Jake Wilson, Animal Control. 

"I heard on the police radio, there were some horses that were moving on Harvard just South of Pine, and I thought that might make for an interesting story," said Gary Kruse. 

An interesting story and an interesting challenge for Tulsa Police. 

"It's rare to have this many," said Jake Wilson. 

The six horses got out of their pasture in the 2900 block of North Delaware and moved through neighborhoods, down busy streets, and even across the University of Tulsa's campus. 

"They got spooked and just kept running," said Tulsa Police officer Lori Mullin. 

They wandered down Harvard near Admiral to almost the BA Expressway before they headed north and trotted through the University of Tulsa campus.

The horses covered at least ten miles before police officer turned head wrangler Lori Mullin got them to stop in a backyard.

"I think I may have that title now," said Lori Mullin. 

Mullin and others were able to pen the horses in a backyard on a dead end street. 

"We kind of lucked out on that," said TPD officer Lori Mullin. 

Officers say it was lucky no drivers were seriously hurt by the equine escapade. 

"Just last year seeing, two horses hit on 169 that were running on the highway and seriously injuring the driver of the car, I sure didn't want that to happen again," said Gary Kruse. 

"Pretty dangerous when big animals are running loose, not like a dog," said Jake Wilson, Animal Control. 

And not like most of the stories Gary Kruse usually covers, even for someone who shoots a lot of "out of the ordinary" stuff. 

"Every day is different, and that's what makes it interesting," said photojournalist Gary Kruse. 

Animal Control officers took the horses to the Collinsville stockyards. The owner faces citations for animals running at large, an impoundment fee, and any fees the stockyards charge.