Candidates For Oklahoma Governor Busy As Primary Election Nears

Saturday, July 17th 2010, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

UNDATED -- The primary elections are near and among the decisions voters will make is narrowing the field for governor. 

There's never a rest for candidates or their volunteers. From preparing brochures for republican candidate Randy Brogdon...

"I've been folding for about a year, but it's worth it," said Jean Harris, who is a Tulsa resident.

… to opening a new headquarters for Mary Fallin.

"Real excited today to have this open house here in Tulsa County," said Mary Fallin, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate.

The top contenders for the governor's seat are spreading the word and looking for votes. Attorney General Drew Edmondson is vying for the democratic ticket.

"The immediate task is to help create jobs, to help existing businesses expand, to encourage entrepreneurial startups on new businesses and to eventually attract other businesses from other states to move into Oklahoma," said Drew Edmondson, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate.

His opponent is the current lieutenant governor, Jari Askins. She has served in all three branches of Oklahoma's government and says that experience is what the state needs.

"I think having that kind of different perspective really helps me as we analyze problems and try to deal with the difficult situation Oklahoma's still facing with our economy and the need to be able to fund essential services for the state," said Jari Askins, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate.

On the republican ticket, Congresswoman Mary Fallin is also touting her experience.

"I've been in office 20 years. I've served in the legislature, the executive branch, in Congress, so I know very well the challenges that are ahead for the state of Oklahoma, but I've also been a private sector businesswoman," said Fallin.

Her opponent is state senator Randy Brogdon. He says fiscal responsibility is what's needed in the governor's office.

"To create jobs using free market principles rather than relying on bailouts and stimulus schemes, the very things that have created havoc in our economy," said Randy Brogdon, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate.

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