Coast to Coast Horseback Brings Perspective To Young Rider

Thursday, July 15th 2010, 4:51 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

MUSKOGEE---‘You know you always feel bad when you hear about someone going through a divorce, but until you actually go through it that's when you really feel the depths of it.'

When Linny Kenney's parents divorced five years ago an old dream of hers was awakened.

‘I was really sad, that's when this whole dream came back, I'd had it since I was a baby to ride across the country, and I thought well maybe I can do that and get stories from people who have also gone through this,' said Linny.

She blogs about her travels and the people she has met along the way. Local horsewoman Leighann Matthews, has found  accommodations for Linny, her Arabian horse Sojourner, and Walter Rowland as they travel through eastern Oklahoma.

‘I'm going to take care of them, at least make sure that I do what I can to make their trip a bit easier,' said Leighann, ‘make a few phone call and I think I've found accommodations all the way to the state line, for the horse and for them.'

‘We are going slowly, that's kind of the point of the trip is to slow down and enjoy the land and the people and just everything, and to enjoy ourselves,' said Walter Rowland, who is following Kenney in a truck.

Kenney has had time on the trip to move past her parent's divorce, and to develop a new relationship with her longtime friend Walter.

‘Sometimes I just smile to myself because I'm doing what I wanted to do,' said Linny, ‘and if there's one thing I'd want to say to people is to do what you dream.'

To follow Linny's progress, visit her blog here.