Tulsa Motorcyclist Takes Fred The Dog Along For The Ride

Wednesday, July 14th 2010, 5:55 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- If there needed to be proof that dogs want to be with us as much as we want to be with them, a Tulsa man has found it.

Fred, a very big Great Pyrenees, goes with Bob Applegate everywhere he goes, in a sidecar.

We caught up with Bob Applegate and Fred as they headed for Starbucks in Utica Square, with Bob on his motorcycle and Fred in the sidecar.

"What do you all normally get?" I asked.

"I get a Frappuccino, he gets a ... they call it a pup-uccino, stop that," said Bob.

Fred's trying to get the goggles, I think they call 'em doggles, off so he can get his treat.

Fred's just taking it all in... he's know's something good's coming so he's willing to lie here as long as it takes.

It's not a bad gig as you will see, Fred's kind of chick magnet.

Bob says Fred's not met anything or anyone he's not close personal friends with.  When Bob and I came outside, Fred knew it was treat time and he was focused. A pup-uccino I learned is a cup full of whipped cream.  Fred loves it.

"Clean that up," Bob told him.

Fred also likes Braum's vanilla ice cream cones. Fred's about 3 and a half and has been hanging out with Bob since he was a little puppy.

Bob said, "He goes to the bank, he goes to the tag office, he goes to Starbucks, he goes where I go."

Bob told me he like to ride his motorcycle so only natural he'd add the sidecar for Fred.

Treat time is over so , so long to Utica Square.  Fred likes classic rock 'n roll, so with the 60's classic "Locomotion" playing, they're off to another adventure.

You know what Fred likes even more than the motorcycle?


Bob is learning to fly an airplane and Fred just climbs aboard and goes flying too.