SkyNEWS 6 Captures Rogers County Burglary Arrest

Tuesday, July 13th 2010, 10:42 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

ROGERS COUNTY -- A dogged pursuit by Rogers County Sheriff's deputies landed a suspect with a lengthy rap sheet behind bars, and SKYNEWS6 captured the arrest on tape.

Scanning the skies over Rogers County, SKYNEWS6 discovered a search for a suspect.

"It was a residential burglary in the area," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton. "The first thought was that some weapons could have been taken from the home."

Another tip led deputies to some woods where they fanned out to search. SKYNEWS6 was there when they brought in the suspect in handcuffs.

The man was picked up alongside some train tracks. Deputies believe that may be how Kristan Standish got to Tulsa in the first place.

"There is some speculation that he may have hopped a train to get out of Kansas City and into this area," Sheriff Walton said.

A quick check of Missouri records reveals Standish is no stranger to the criminal justice system.

"This individual has a lengthy track record out of Missouri. He's on 33 years of probation," he said.

Standish, who also goes by Darryll O'Neal Perry, has convictions for burglary, weapons and assault charges.

He also attempted to escape from a Missouri prison.

Sheriff Scott Walton says he's proud his deputies were able to return some stolen property and get a career criminal off the streets.

"I'm proud of these guys that will get out in 100 degree heat and beat weeds and the timber to make contact and find an individual like this," Walton said.

"And we certainly hope the message is that it's easier to be a thug in Kansas City, than it is here."

Kristan Standish is being held in a Rogers County jail, suspected of second degree burglary. Missouri officials have also asked that Standish remain behind bars, until he can return to the Kansas City area to face charges there.

Rogers County said they recovered what appeared to be Burlington Northern Santa-Fe equipment, bolt cutters and cattle equipment in the man's possession. The homeowner identified some of the items as his property.