Food And Wine Pairing Tips

Thursday, July 8th 2010, 11:20 am
By: News On 6

Wine and food pairing tips:

1. Cheese helps "smooth out" wine, bringing out the best flavors in both. A good rule of thumb to consider when pairing with cheese is the darker the wine, the harder the cheese.

2. The most basic element of wine pairing is "weight" – the balance between the weight of the food and the weight or "body" of the wine. A heavy wine (such as a Cabernet) with a light dish can overwhelm the food and vice versa.

3. Pair wine with a dish's sauce, not the meat. Sauces are often the dominant flavor instead of the meat or other main component.

4. Wine can be very intricate. While a wine may seem to have bold characteristics, it may show a different profile (different flavors, for example) when paired with heavy food.

5. The subjective nature of taste makes it possible to drink any kind of wine with any kind of food and have an enjoyable experience. Have fun creating and trying new pairings!

StableRidge Winery [Stroud, Oklahoma]