Son Of Oologah Police Chief Under Investigation For Impersonating Officer

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 5:03 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

OOLOGAH, OK -- The Oologah town board held an emergency meeting Tuesday but did not take any action against its police chief.

The board decided to wait until an investigation into the chief's son is complete.

The 34-year-old son is accused of taking his father's police car and pretending to be a cop last week.

This story centers around two groups of teenage girls who don't like each other and have been exchanging nasty text messages and threatening to fight. There are allegations of running each other off the road, even pointing a toy gun. But that nonsense turned criminal when the police chief's son got involved and now, some believe his father should be held accountable as well.

Witnesses say Chief Novale Thompson's son Curt took his father's car on July 1 around 2:30 a.m. and followed two teenage girls to a home where the rival teenage girls were.

One girl at the home says the other two girls wanted to meet for a fight, but she and her friends said, "If you want to fight, come here."  So the two girls did.

"They come over the railroad tracks and a police car is following them and it has its lights on," one witness said. "He gets out and gets in one of my friend's faces and is pointing at her, saying 'I'm going to take you guys to jail' and all this other stuff.  He was wearing jeans and a dark shirt.  Both his shirt and hat had a star, like a police star, trying to look like a cop."

The girl's father is a part-time officer for Oologah so she knows all the officers and didn't recognize the man as one and told him so.

"You're not a cop, this is illegal, what you're doing," the witness said. "He stopped trying to threaten us then. She said she was going to call the sheriffs and he couldn't get out of there fast enough."

911 call logs show Curt Thompson came back to the scene a short time later, dressed in plain clothes and driving his personal vehicle.

Chief Thompson told us he couldn't comment on advice of the city attorney, but did say he had no idea his son had taken his car, until he got the call.

The Oologah town board decided not to discipline the chief at this time.

Curt Thompson could face felony charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle and impersonating a police officer. We were told he's dating the mother of one of the girls he followed to the home.

While Chief Thompson can't comment on the facts, he did say it's wrong to hold public officials accountable for the actions of their children and if that were the case, many public officials in Green Country would be out of job.

He's also been criticized for not having his son arrested immediately, but says it would be inappropriate for his office do anything in this case, that any arrest or charges are up to Rogers County.