Lost Tulsa Dog Finds Temporary Home In National Politics

Tuesday, June 29th 2010, 7:07 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Historically we've had "Yellow Dog" Democrats, and more recently "Blue Dog" Democrats.

Now, News On 6 reporter Rick Wells believes he's found the first "Brown Dog" Republican.

"He decided he needed to go find his Congressman," said Nate Martin.

"He" is a 78-pound mostly Lab named Remi. He's best buddies with seven-year-old Avery and four-year-old Addison.

Remi got out of his backyard after the boys' dad, Nate Martin, finished mowing.

"Forgot to shut the gate," Martin said.

That was last Tuesday evening. They didn't discover he was missing until the next day and by that time Remi was up the block and gone. They looked all day but couldn't find a trace.

"We posted it on Craigslist," Martin said.

Realistically they figured Remi was gone for good. They should have had more faith in Remi than that. By the next morning, there was a Craigslist found dog posting so they called the number.

"We thought we had the wrong number, we were looking for a lost dog," Martin said.

Remi had come through the neighborhood, about half a mile and in the back door of the BOK building. He made his way to the elevators and got on one with a lady from Congressman Sullivan's office.

"He followed her down the hallway, and came in just like he knew where he was going." said John Tidwell, Communications Director.

He found a central location in the office and when he found a good spot he laid down and took a nap. He stayed all day.

 "He was a good dog," Tidwell said. "A really good dog."

The boys are thrilled Remi is back with his family. They sent over a Sonic gift card and thank you notes.

Although there was no official registration, Remi might be the first Brown Dog Republican, whatever that means.

"He's an official Republican dog," Martin said.