Summer Heat Has Some Wishing For Winter Blast

Friday, June 25th 2010, 9:36 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Red hot temperatures have had Green Country under heat warnings or advisories all week long. And the summer fever has some wishing for a return to the winter chills.

Summer heat and green corn are par for the course at this Bixby festival. But they've got fans, misters, and frosty treats to try to keep their cool.

"It's kinda hot," said Nicole Zugelder.

"It's like being in a desert, said Jeremiah Buyckes. "It's hot!"

Jeremiah Buyckes isn't just braving the heat. He's battling it, stoking the coals to grill the corn that is the festival's signature item.

"Oh I'd love for it to be winter right about now," Buyckes said.

Christy Doss, who's selling t-shirts at the festival, agrees.

"I like cold because you can put more on," she said.

The mercury hasn't risen to the century mark yet. But the humidity makes it feel like triple digit heat. Six months ago, it was single digit chills. Green Country was digging out of a blanket of snow and ice.

"No I don't do winter. I don't like layers," Shannon Knapp said. "I don't like coats. That's the only thing my daughter can say, she hates coats."

Shannon Knapp and her girls happily shed winter coats for summer dresses but maybe not this hot.

"I don't like triple digit hot," Knapp said. "I like double digit hot."

"I cannot deal with it," said Vicki Palmer. "The older you get the hotter I think it is.

But most folks won't pick an extreme.

"I don't want either one of them. I like the mediums," said Nicole Zugelder. "I like the spring and the fall. I don't want either of the extremes."

The News On 6 tracked down the man who knows all things weather for a final decision, Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer.

"As long as there's a breeze I like summer," he said. "But the winter there are no bugs. I hate insects, mosquitoes, I hate ticks. I hate anything that crawls on me. So it's kind of a 50-50 deal, I'm sorry."